Story from Hungary (Aulia Putri, YP Hungary 2014-2015)

My Story Begins In Magyarország


People said that high school is the most beautiful time in their life, that’s why I wanted to extend this period. 😀 Normally people study for three years at high schools in Indonesia but I will be studying for four years because of this program. My name is Aulia Ananditia Putri. 2014 August 22 was the day when my story began. It took more than 14 hours to travel from Palembang to Budapest, and surprisingly I was sitting next to a Slovakian woman who has been living in Indonesia for more than 6 years!

I’ve been hosted in Magyaország or Hungary for more than two months. And in the beginning I found it was quite hard for me to say “Hello” for saying goodbye. Because here we use the word Hello or Szia for greeting and saying goodbye too! Well, I live in a little village 27 kms from Székesfehérvár called Vereb, Hungary. Being accepted by the Kertai family is another lucky thing that I experienced in this program. I call my parents Apa and Anya. Here I live with my host parents, Mama (grandmother) and Zsombor. My host sister is currently studying in Denmark but we talk almost every day through the internet. They are such an amazing and lovely people. We always give hugs and say szeretlek (I love you) every day. I’ve got some rules here. The first rule is if I have any problems, share with them. Second, be careful. Third, be happy. Sounds easy but hard to do in fact. People told me that Hungarian is the second most difficult language in the world. I’m terrified and amazed at the same time. Fortunately my mom and my brother speak English well so they help me to learn Hungarian language. I also have my private chef, Apa, because he loves cooking and the food just makes me so addicted. I can see the sunflower garden and stars which are scattered through the window of my room. In my first month I’m so glad to recognise that Hungarian people also eat rice even if not as much as we do. Then I found that Hungarians eat a lot. So I couldn’t eat that much at the first time. It is not like in Indonesia where we only have the main course. Here we had appetizer which is a-l-w-a-y-s soup, main course and then dessert. Also we’ve got a big garden which we can harvest together and make lots of jams. I was so shocked to see they had hundreds of jam. First I thought: “Are you going to sell those jars of jam?”. But until today I have eaten three jars of jam alone! Is it enough reason why I gain some weight here? For the first time in my life I travel by bus and train by myself every day! Although my school starts at 8 o’clock so I have to wake up at 05.30 a.m. because I need almost one hour to get into the city and wait for my next bus. My school’s name is Lánczos Kornél Gimnázium(LKG), there are four AFS students who study in this school. Every Thursday, all of the AFS exchange students who are in my chapter go to my school and learn Hungarian language with Vali néni. We only wear uniform on special days and we always have 15 minutes break at the end of a lesson. So, when I have 6 lessons a day it means that I have 5 breaks (yey). We also have P.E. (Physical Education) three times a week. It is a bit strange because I miss to wear the uniform. Sometimes I was so crazy to start thinking about what I’m going to wear to school. Last month, there was the acceptance ceremony for the new students and new teachers in LKG. The ceremony was different. All the new classes had to perform their drama show and we drank a special green-tonic-soda-lime water. And maybe because I have a very “cute” body so they placed me in the first grade, I also joined the performance with them. I was a witch in the  play because our theme was Harry Potter. It was a lot of fun!

Living in the heart of Europe, Hungary which is also famous for its music made me so curious. So, I started to learn to play the violin at the local music school in the centre of Székesfehérvár. I also joined the dance class so I can get to know the people and culture as well. Nobody promised it would be easy. I found many differences but I learned to be more mature in react. Hungarian people are so warm-hearted and nice, they accept new people easily and help us through this exchange year. Every day is a new journey and also a memorable day for me as an AFS student! YOLO.





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