IYAA and National Bina Antarbudaya Meeting 2013


IYAA (Indonesia YES Alumni Association) Meeting and Rapat Kerja Nasional Bina Antarbudaya 2013 was held on 11-14 April 2013 at Lorin Sentul Hotel,Bogor. It was basically two separated event,IYAA Meeting which is the meeting for YES alumni represented each chapter and Rapat Kerja nasional YBA for all chapter’s representatives.

IYAA meeting was started from April 11th until April 12th. There were 15 chapter coordinators (Medan, Mataram and Banjarmasin were absent). The President,Waskito Jati reported all projects which has been done within one year back then we discussed about several projects plan that will be done for the next one year ahead.

Finally, the 2 days’ meeting came to these results:
-National Book Drive 2013 (the same projects what we did last year)
-International Education Week
-Alumni success stories
Each chapter should write atleast 2 alumni regarding to their experience and how YES experiences impact their life (deadline on June 2013)
-Desember Merah : Mari berbagi Darah
Donating the blood. (regarding to World volunteer day, and world AIDS day)
On December 2013



Rapat Kerja Nasional (Rakernas) Bina Antarbudaya was started from April 12th until April 14th, attended by all 18 chapter coordinators. Rakernas had 2 main issues : “How to grow volunteers” and “Hosting program”. These 2 main issues are really significant for YBA, particularly for all chapters in Indonesia who face these typical problems.

But the good news comes to YBA. This year we are going to hosted 50 AFS students. Due to this total, each chapter were asked to set some action plans in hosting program during our 3 days in Sentul. It came up to the very good way to start.
Here is our chapter Palembang’s action.

(Report by: Kak Dije & Kak Ria)


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