My Awesome Time in Snohomish, Washington

God created human to live together in their life, even though they live separated by oceans and lands. There was one reason that God created us to live separated to each other, because we need to learn and try to understand every single stuff in other country. For me being an exchange student is a huge step to suffer all the differences of this world. So that, here I am now, stay in a super cool country, learn about every single culture, try to show others about my own country. Anyway, I am Azora Khairani Kartika, one of the lucky students that have a chance to stay for several months in commonwealth country, USA. I live in Snohomish County, Washington. Diferrent with other exchange students, I stayed with a Philiphino’s family, The Magibas. It’s kinda unique and so fun, but the good thing is I can eat rice whenever I want. For over a month I stayed in Snohomish, I learned so many things. I went to several places, and having fun there.

When the first time I arrived in Seattle, my parents and my local coordinator picked me up at the airport, my host mom is a really sweet mother. She gave me a bucket of super pretty flower. When I was home, they held a home prayer and welcome party for me.  Because it was still Ramadhan, so I was fasting. They’re really respect with my religion and what I believe in God. Sometimes, they felt so sad to see me fasting, but i just explained to them that I used to do fasting for every year, so I was just okay with it, and they understood those. By the way, a friend of my mom is an Indonesian. I used to call her Auntie Sandra. She is a super kind auntie ever! She has been stayed in USA for 4 years because she’s married with American. So that, when I was celebrated Id Fitr, she cooked a lot of Indonesian foods for me. I ate lontong, opor ayam, sambel ati, etc. I was just so glad to have them as my family.

For the next days, I went to some places likes Evergreen State Fair. You guys have to go there, it was just so fun! we saw a super fun pig racing. There were also a kind of pet exhibition, so we can found doggy, cat, chicken, bird, even cow and goat. We ate a lot of foods there, super huge french fries, elephant ears, and many more hahaha. Well, I also have so much fun with other exchange students from other country. We kinda had a welcome barbeque party and orientation camp in Long Beach, Washington. I met with almost 60 students. They came from Denmark, Russia, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, South-Korean, Chinese, Japan, etc. We had a lot of activities there. I’m so happy to met and made friends with them.

Couple weeks ago, my school was just started. Yeay, welcome to American School! I go to Glacier Peak High School. At the really first time, I felt so guilty and worry about how to break the walls that make me being different with them. But day by day, I understand that we have to be super friendly here. Do not feel ashamed if you pronounced some words wrong, because they will be okay with that. Do not be shy to greet other peoples, even you don’t know who they are. I have closed friends in my school, they are Caroline and Sam. They were just super awesome girls! Anyway, Caroline is also an exchange students from French, cool! I loved spending time with them. Oh yaa, because my host family is Christianity, so that i also go to church. And guess what, i go to church three times a week, and it was so fun! I go to youth group in the church. It was my first time to go to church, so I’m kinda worry about it. But when I met them, I was so glad, they’re really respect what I believe. In church, we have kinda bible study and young discussion.

I really loved all the things that I did here. I really can not predict what else the super fun things that I’ll face, and I can’t wait to do other things here. I understand enough that I should work hard for being apart of them. Big effort is the main thing that we guys have to do as an exchange student. Maybe you’ll find a super huge differences between your own country with the country that you’ll spend for a year program, but trust me that it’ll be a super awesome thing ever that you’ll ever know.


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