Greetings from Portland

Hey Dude!!! My Name is Genting SholataSya and now I am living in Portland, Oregon. It has been a month and I feel like it was just a week. The time goes so fast now.

I live with my host dad and my host mom. My host sister is currently studying for her college in Arizona. I would never forget the time when I was just arrived at my host family’s house in Portland; they invited me to go camping at the beach. Isn’t that amazing? We camped in Tillamook beach for two days. It was like three hours away from our house. I met my host mom’s big family. It is my host family’s annual event to camp at the beach to spend their summer time together.

Portland is a beautiful place. There are trees everywhere you go in the town. This makes this place cold. The people here are so friendly. They will smile at you even though you never meet them before. The people take a good care of the environment and they respect to their culture.

Another memorable thing was during fasting month. Can you imagine if you have to do fasting from five in the morning to nine in the evening? Well, I did that. That was a hard time for me though. I celebrated Eid in the big building called Oregon Convention Center with other thousands Muslim in Oregon. I felt something was missing when it was Eid day. There was no sound of “Takbir” like it used to be in Indonesia.

I started school two weeks ago. I go to Wilson High School as Senior. I am taking Mathematics PreCalculus, English, US History, Earth Space Science, Guitar and Photography. The best thing from the school is that we are able to choose the classes that we like. My school is pretty big and it is sometimes difficult to go to the next class just for five minutes interval. I have late arrival everyday which means I can go late to the school. I go to the school at 9.30 every morning and my school is just ten minutes driving. How beautiful my life is now. Lol 😀

I love it here. I hope that I will experience many more new things in the future. See you next time.


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