Hello from Bearcat Country

What an amazing life here! My name is Astrid Herera Nurchikmah and I’m hosted in Ubly, Michigan. The unique thing from my place is that Michigan is like a hand, and Ubly is like the thumb 🙂

I live with my host mom, dad and my host sister, she is from Albania. We live in a cute house with  plenty of affection. I live with awesome host family who’s been teaching me many things that bring me another way of thinking.

I go to Ubly Community High School which is located 4 blocks only from my house. I can just walk or ride the bike since it takes only 10 minutes. My school is quite big. It has 2 floors and in the same building with Ubly Community Junior High. I love being there since the school is not too large and I will not get lost and feel confused when changing the classes. I love everyone here because they are nice and friendly. Somebody always help me when I get confused to find my classes.

I’m currently living in a small city, where everyone knows each other. I love my place since it is calm and peaceful. There are many farms, crops, and wind turbine . Everyone is busy with their own job but they still keep in touch each other.

I live in mostly Catholic area,but my host family is Christian  so it is kinda hard to find  Moslems and mosque. However, I am not feeling alone, because even though we are in different religion, they respect me when I was fasting.

Eid was on Sunday, and I joint my host family to attended morning service on my Eid day.  Because they know I was having Eid day, the church youth group celebrated it by going to a picnic at the park with other exchange students who are also hosted in Ubly area. My host sister is a Moslem and one of my friend from India is a Moslem as well. So we were  celebrating it together.

It is kinda sad moment because there were no my Indonesian family here, no friends and no “ketupat”, “opor” and many special food that I used to have in Eid. I enjoye it, though. I ate sandwich and hot dog instead of “ketupat”and “opor”. At least I still have my awesome host family here who wants celebrate Eid together with me.

I love all my life here. Wonderful year is running which bring me better and better. See you next year, Indonesia !!


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