The only way to know is “try it”

By : Sutria (read : Cucut)

           Nervous. I just hate if heart beats so hard. I still remember when the first time i stepped on Opportunity land, everything seemed unreal. Why am i here? A question bugged me in my early day in this a year trip. But time always helps us. It teaches to be tough and ready in facing how life will treat you.

            I live in Washington, D.C, the capital of U.S . My host dad is retired from World Bank which has tons of experience and never run out of story to tell about. My host mom works as manager in VOA. What a perfect host family, aren’t they? Indeed, it’s sort of a double lucky for me to be part of their family. Well-educated, open minded, professionalism are things that they introduce to me.

            D.C is not easy place. Diversity is common thing which means, hey! I am not special. So, how could i solve this problem so that world knows if I – a Bangka girl – am an exchange student? It just take a cup of intention, 2 cups of courage and 3 cups of braveness.

            First, AP science class = suicide. It sounds over but it is really hard learning Biology in foreign language with those fancy scientific words at your middle class English ability. Unbelievable, I got straight A in all my subject including AP Biology. Like durians falling down from the sky, i never imagine if i can do it. And also, i join science bowl team in my school which is prepared for science competition. Yuhu!

            Then, gaining weight, OMG, it is a reality. I decide to do exercise. So, my host Dad and I commit to run every morning in Fall and early winter. Actually it is not wise choice for tropical person like me, but it works! I lost 10 pounds in 4 months. Another sport that i tried for the first time was ice skating! What a slippery sport. Anyway, i have a really good time, and now i am addicted to it. Bowling and Pool also is written in my list. So far, i just try them once, and it was a good start, 6 pins falling and 4 balls in hole.

            Third, drama. I never take drama class before and now, but my family is a big fan of theater and opera. It is inspired me to try to be an actress. So, with an enough confidence, i did audition for Macbeth at school, and they picked me in.

            I never had a high expectation about whatever that will be happened here. Sometimes, the curve of life goes down. But then, i realize if happy is a choice. You just need to look inside without seeking it outside. My road is not smooth like i told above. People ignore, uneasy quiz and test at school, freaking cold weather, loneliness, homesick, etc are guests that can suddenly come. But trust me, this difficulties feed your heart, body and soul to become rich of experience and kind-hearted to value the meaning of life, of yourself.


The key is “don’t worry, be happy”. 🙂




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