A Greeting from Rice County (by: Adila Hasrimi)

Human are made to live together in this world, even though they live separated by oceans and lands. Different places have their different background. It is a very basic reason why people need to build an understanding across these nations. In my 12th grade I will spend a year to build the understanding about Indonesia to one of a commonwealth country, USA. I start building the understanding in an American big family who live in small town, Kenyon, Southern Minnesota.

People who live in this area raise corns and soybeans. They begin to grow those plants in the beginning of spring season and they will harvest them in the middle of autumn season. Then they will export some of the products to many countries in Europe. They will only grow the plants once a year. Because those type of plants cannot grow for every season. Unlike in Indonesia, the plants can grow for a year long; it is because the climate is quite stable. I finally could figure out other side of American life which is in the rural area. It is not crowded and not too busy. People live with their own farm, raise cattle in the barn and the most interesting is I found no high building in the area where I live in. It is all corn and soybean fields.

My house is quite far from the centre of the town. It takes 30 minutes driving from my house. My host family live in one of country side, they raise cows, sheep, chicken and they also have some vegetables in their garden. They enjoy deal with all the farming activities. They use most of the products, such milk, egg, and vegetables which they got from their farm for their own daily need. I learned a lot of things deal with American farm. Another thing, I knew some of American foods which I have never known before from my host mother. She runs a cooking class where she usually tries out new American foods recipes.  I feel curios to learn a lot more from everyone here.

I experienced many culture sharing from my first month staying in USA. I learned a lot of new different living ways from the way I used to have. I knew that they do respect other people choices. They do not really matter to other people religion, as religion is not being a matter for their conversation. However, they were excited when I share about my religion. Every Sunday I joined my host family to Church, it is part of a family routine. I came to their discussion, here where I could share my thought and hearing what they learn. I think it is worthy to learn many things from them. I also gained many friends from this community.

I understand that building an understanding will need a very hard work. It is not about which one is right or wrong. It is just the matter of different views that people have on facing a case. I am trying my best effort to share my thought about my nation in this new life environment. I hope I can enjoy building a great understanding about my nation and it will be a worthy year for me and everyone.


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