My Experience as an Exchange Student in Dunwoody Georgia USA (by: Maharaja Arizona)

Hi guys..! first of all let me introduce myself, I am Maharaja Arizona, Just call me Ari, I
study at Senior High School Number 17 Palembang. Now I have the chance to be an Exchange
Student and feel the American life experience for a year, now I’m going to tell you about my
experience here as an exchange student. Okay without wasting our time let me start my story






My beloved house







My host family







My friends here

First I’d like to tell you about my host city and all off the stuff, now on I’m hosted in
Dunwoody Georgia, it’s really fun here, there are so many tree and beautiful houses here, at
the first time I thought that American state just contains only building and dessert like I saw
in Arizona but it isn’t true, At least in my city they have a lot of green spot and also the wind
here so fresh that maybe I couldn’t get it while I was in Indonesia. Oh god I almost forgot to
introduce my host family, I have a single parents mom with two brothers and also a double
placement brother from Egypt. They are very welcoming, in our house I am the oldest child so
that’s mean I have to give a good example with my brothers so I need to keep watching what
they do because I also as their father now lol..

Yeah I’ll start my story here, first of all I wake up at 5 in the morning, I go to Ahmed
room to wake him up and we eat breakfast together because now is Ramadhan and we have
to fast together. After we breakfast I take a shower, you know the most thing that I like here
we have the hot water that makes me comfort to take a bath for more than a half hour. After
taking shower I pray Subuh and prepare my books and ready to go to school. You know, I go to
school with Ahmed (My double placement) by school bus , the bus pick us up at 7:35 and we
have to wait in front of our house until they come. In the Bus I have so many friends there, I
have Shabrina,Sally,India,Sky,Jack Stephanie and etc. They are very friendly, we keep chatting
until the bus arrive in our school.

In the school, I go to my locker in the first floor , putting my backpack and bring my first
period book that is American Literature in room 1101 with Mr Brown, He is very good teacher,
but he talk very fast, at the first time it was very hard to understand what his explanation but
by the time passed I can understand it hahaha, after that I go to Mrs. Hodge ,She teach me
Accelerated Math IV, you know I love her class very much because in her class she play classic
movies when we study, oh gosh it was so amazing, after that I go to Mr. Hendrikson Class he
teaches Accelerated Physics, He is the master of lab, he has a lot of amazing tools in lab. At 1:05
Pm it’s the lunch time but since I still fasting I’m not taking lunch now so I go to library, It is so
cool there, I’m freezing, after that I go to MS.Hill and Ms Foster to get US History Class. You
know what it was so cool, they teach like a friends not teacher..since They are Afro American
they teach us with slank word but it’s so cool hahaha

Anyway I go back home at 3:10 Pm by Bus, In the bus I met again with Ms.Brown “our
bus driver” and we go to our home together, we took 1646 bus with 21 route and since our
house is quite far from the other student house so we’re the last student that arrive at home.
Arrived at home I don’t forget to say Thank You to Ms. Brown because she pick and drive me in
school after that we go home and go online, after couple minute we feel tired and fall a sleep .
after that I wake up and break fast with Ahmed, We chat about our activity in school and make
our homework together hahaha and at 10:00 Pm we go bed and waiting for the next day.

So far my life here is very amazing, So much love I get here makes me realize that even
though we are surrounded by much differences but one thing that makes us unite that is the
power of sharing and understanding each other also we may not be perfect but a part of us are


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